The Institute of Grace is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational opportunities and healthcare services to poor and underprivileged people in Haiti. IOG serves and supports the communities of Port-au-Prince, Delmas, and Merger in Haiti. Our goal is to provide greater service as more resources become available.

Miracia Hospital Donate Now
In 2005, a hospital project was started at Merger, a town located on the southern part of Port-au-Prince, to deal with the lack of proper medical facilities. There was no hospital and approximately 30 minutes of travel was necessary to get help if a person became sick.
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University of Grace of La Gonave Donate Now
There is a tremendous need for youths higher education in La Gonave. Every year, thousands of students finish high school and the only option for professional training is Port-Au-Prince. The university project addresses the core problems on the island, provides a solid education to students, and helps them participate in the development of the island while bringing them a brighter sustainable future. The university plans to train students in the fields of agriculture, fishing, forestry management, water conservation, health care, etc. Please help us in achiving this vision for La Gonave
Ecole Gerny Filostin Primary School Donate Now
Most people in Haiti do not have the privilege of obtaining a good education and thereby lack the knowledge to have a good job and a promising future. We aim to bring education to those who are unable to afford it in a place where it is very hard to find.

Welcome to the Institute of Grace

The problems in Haiti are numerous, so the Institute of Grace aims to utilize all available resources to bring relief and help many of the poor and needy. Our Miracia Hospital, Merger Primary School, and University of Grace projects are possible with contributions from churches, hospitals, organizations, and individuals who support these worthy causes.

Miracia Hospital
Clinic in Session at Miracia Hospital

Our hospital building construction is ahead of targeted milestones. We will continue to focus on building a functioning operating room to conduct surgery and setting up a water purification system. The operating room and clean water has been requested and would immediately fill a void in the community.

Missionary Trip
UDC Team at Fort Jacques

We organize annual medical mission trips to Haiti. Volunteers from the United Methodist Churches in Maryland; faculty and students from the Nursing Department, University of the District of Columbia; and a team of 25 medical doctors and dentists donate time, energy, and expertise to serve local residents.

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Our organization maintains projects in Haiti serving over 20,000 people. These projects range in budget from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

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Mission Trips to Haiti

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming missions trips in the new year!